Abbie Wollenburg Kuhr:

We absolutely love I&E! Our daughter definitely thrived there socially and academically. She always wanted to go to school and came home excited about things she had done and what she had learned. The teachers and staff are all outstanding. We're confident and thankful our kiddo is ready for kindergarten this year. Our youngest will be headed to I&E next year!


Jennie Gollehon:

We've been so happy with Imagine and Explore. Chloe had little care for letters and numbers and within weeks of attending, she came home one day and asked if I could help teach her to read. Thank you for instilling the value of education and the desire to learn in children. Thank you for letting them have fun while doing it.


Kim Lodice:

You guys are the best!!! Thank you for ALL you did for my 3 boys!!!!! You will always have a special place in our hearts!!!!


Ashley Calabretto:

I searched for a very long time for the perfect preschool for Dominic...I couldn't have picked a better place than Imagine & Explore!


Chris Goodrich Shrader:

This is where it all began! We couldn't have chosen a better preschool for our boys. And now they are off to middle school! <3 <3


Andrea Fletcher Kidd:

Both of my children went to I and E and loved it! My kids were more than prepared for kindergarten academically and socially which is very important. They make learning so much fun and my kids will still talk about how they wish they could go back to preschool again! Thanks for everything Imagine & Explore! You are awesome at what you do!


Kristine Robinson Pratt:

We moved to Omaha in the middle of the school year and imagine and explore was the best at making her feel right at home! She loved her teacher Miss Kelly and I loved how prepared she was for kindergarten! I will definitely be sending my two younger boys to imagine and explore preschool!


Erica Bodzek Storms:

Love Love Love everything about Imagine and Explore. We have been going here for the last 6 years with all 3 kiddos, Addisyn, Avery and Andrew. Our morning routine will be different this school year, the car may out of habit go to Imagine and Explore. :)


Katie Meck-Muck:

I would highly recommend Imagine and Explore. We stumbled upon this great place when searching for a preschool for our daughter. She finished her first year there and has attended many of their fun summer camps as well. They have an amazing staff that do a great job always make the kiddos feel welcome, challenged, and creative. We look forward to many more years there!!


Amber Sudeta:

My youngest went to preschool at Imagine & Explore for 2 years and had a wonderful experience. He was well prepared for kindergarten and loved his teachers. I love the fact that it is not a daycare and the only focus is making a great preschool program.


Andy Kueny:

Since switching to Imagine Explore Preschool 2 years ago, our daughter Isabella has flourished! She has opened up so much and her personality really shines through! She is excited to get to school everyday. Every teacher and administrator I have met has been so nice and willing to help! It is one of the best choices we have made! We love Imagine Explore!!!!


Toby Frost:

Our experience at Imagine and Explore was tremendous and such a wonderful time for Jaclynn. You are more than just teachers, you are part of our family's history and development and we love you for that.