Imagine and Explore's curriculum is two-fold. We focus on academics (reading, writing, phonics, math, and science) through a program called "The Letter People ©". We also focus on character development with monthly activities on traits such as; manners, kindness and integrity. Our daily schedules have the children active and constantly learning throughout their day. Our teachers have early childhood degrees and are trained in both curriculum aspects. Our class size is 10 children to 1 teacher.  Our preschool program is for children 3-6 years of age. 

We also offer parent-teacher conferences twice during the year where the parent and teacher will sit down and go through the child's accomplishments in their personal portfolio. The portfolio is filled with documentation of the child's work which follows your child's development in the classroom.

pdfSample Daily Schedule

Imagine and Explore's Summer Program is for children ages 3 – 6 years. Each week Imagine and Explore will have a different theme for the camp. You may pick and choose what week or day you would like to enroll your child.

Summer Camps 2018