Mission Statement

Our program is a result of careful and detailed planning in accordance with the best available knowledge of early childhood education and development. The goal of Imagine and Explore is to make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve by striving to help children become successful in their future educational experiences.

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It is not too late to register for fall preschool!  We just had 2 morning MWF spots open up.  If you are interested in mornings or know someone that is, please call or stop by!   We also have a few afternoons still available in our Tuesday/Thursday, Mon/Wed/Fri. and our 5 day classes!  Stop in as soon as you can! 

We look forward to working with you!

Is Afternoon Preschool right for YOU?

Here are few good reasons to try afternoon preschool:

$  Children can still participate in activities such as play groups, swim lessons, etc, and then come to school after lunch.

$  It is excellent preparation for full day kindergarten.

$  It gives you the chance to keep your morning routine.

$ It may help wean your child off their nap.

$ And, it is great for those children that need the extra sleep in the morning

Most families that register for afternoon preschool, choose to stay in afternoons the following year!  Give it a try, you may love it!


Mark Your Calendars...

Summer Camps:

Science Adventures:  July 21 - July 24 

Round & Round:  July 28 - July 31

If you would like to join us for any of our summer camps, call or email us!  Our Kindergarten Bootcamp is FULL!


Meet the Teacher Night is Friday August 1st. 

If you are registered for the fall school year and DID NOT receive our information email, please contact us!